Greatness comes from a warm heart

By creating the first jewellery collection for children Op-la, Grenardi wanted not only to delight our little darlings and their parents, but also support children in need. By donating at least 10 EUR for the rehabilitation centre POGA at any GRENARDI jewellery stores or fashion boutiques SHINE and KUOSHI, you will receive a gift of gratitude – a bracelet with a symbolic silver button (as the name of the centre means “A Button” in translation).
Love and care for the most vulnerable ones are humane values ​​that are important to learn from an early age, therefore the slogan of the charity movement is “Greatness comes from a warm heart”, and it will continue as long as people are willing to participate and donate.
All donations are given to the children in POGA. Also, you can donate for a specific procedure or to a particular child (look for information in the homepage of the rehabilitation centre Thank You!

As of January 2017, already 11214.95 euros donated!