Exchange of gold jewellery

1. Submit your gold for appraisal

Bring your gold to the store along with your ID. Our knowledgable salesperson will accept it, weigh it and send it to an expert. In order to determine the gold value, any gems or additional elements will be removed.

Find out the value of your gold!

2. Wait for the appraisal

You will be notified on the final value of submitted gold no later than within two weeks. The most profitable option is exchanging the gold for a gift card.

3. Receive a gift card

The gift card will allow you to shop in GRENARDI stores, as well as KUOSHI and SHINE salons. The value of gift card can be spent in several transactions within six months.

4. Buy new jewellery

The most enjoyable moment – choosing new jewellery to tell a new story, keeping in your heart and memories what you value most.

Choose the store closest to you

Find out the value of your gold!

The price of gold is recalculated every day based on stock exchange price of precious metals. Be assured of the best gold purchase price for your gold when exchanging it for a gift card!

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