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The tenderness and passion of Pasquale Bruni

The most exquisite jewelry from the world-famous Italian brand Pasquale Bruni


The prominent jeweler house from Italy Pasquale Bruni is one of the rare family businesses in the world of luxury jewelry. The founder of the brand, Pasquale Bruni, turned to jewelry as a teenager, learning it at the Art Institute of Valence. On the other hand, in the evenings, the young man worked in the workshop, where Marija Kallas, Sofia Lorena liked to look... In 1976, Pasquale founded his first company, where he not only drew sketches of his products, but also made them himself. And only in 1997, when his children Eugenia and Daniel joined Pasquale's business, he decided to register the Pasquale Bruni brand. Currently, the creative direction of the brand is determined by Eugenia, creating iconic collections inspired by nature and the essence of women. Pasquale Bruni brand jewelry expresses "Vera Passione" - true passion felt by every jewelry wearer. Each ornament is designed to please both the eyes and the senses - the skillful fastening of the stones feels like silk to the touch. The designs are expressive, dynamic and reveal Eugenia's desire to constantly experiment, infusing the soul into the jewelry. Each Pasquale Bruni brand piece of jewelry is an ode to femininity, freedom and passion. This brand's jewelry is chosen by Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and other celebrities.


The Petit Joli collection is designed for free-spirited women who constantly renew their vital energy. The collection expresses the primordial connection between nature and woman. Thus flowers acquire the colors of heaven, space, and earth; colors with a strong personality and at the same time a rich expressive sweetness. The stones are characterized by the patented Bon Ton cut, in which irregular facets are combined with a cabochon cut.


"The joy brought by the flowers of rose gold, the power of the noble charm of precious stones, the femininity of the gentle glow of the leaves." Eugenia Bruni. The collection spans iconic style years. Ton Joli retains the exclusive Bon Ton grinding patented by Pasquale Bruni. The collection reinterprets Pasquale Bruni Nama's iconic five-petal flower in new, refined proportions. The gems join in a flower that is surrounded by petals of white and champagne diamonds.


Aleluia is a hymn to beauty and love. The leaves become wings that carry the woman towards the wonder of the world, towards all that is divine and fantastic. All Aleluia pattern sheets are made and inlaid separately, then joined together. It allows you to create precise leaf shapes and connect them with the highest precision. These processes, which require many hours, can only be carried out by master goldsmiths with great skill and experience. Jewelry is available upon prior order.


In a delicate garden, in the grand beauty of enchanting nature, small secrets are selected. Rose gold shines through the light of diamonds in an exciting dance of flowers, while the aura of white gold is reflected in the purity of the flowers. On the heart's journey to the most secret gardens, the scents of love and wonder unite flowers and places. The spirituality of Bali, the wonderful nature of Hawaii with its mighty ocean and lush views: Petit Garden was born from these warm memories of distant lands.


A versatile collection that strikes a note of style with a romantic yet casual vibe. The flower with five petals is the icon of Pasquale Bruni House and symbolizes a woman with an elegant, harmonious and sophisticated lifestyle. The Bon Ton collection has adapted to the changing times and society without giving up its simplicity and innate grace. Bon Ton's proprietary faceted stones feature soft faceted petals culminating in a cabochon cut at the heart of the stone.


The leaves turn into butterflies that fly in the secret garden of our lives. Tree branches are like magic hands in the magic of curved leaves. Gardens are like a woman's soul and are meant to be discovered and admired. The collection was inspired by Milan's secret gardens and its mysterious courtyards, these magical places tell stories of secret encounters, art and nature. A tribute to the world of women, full of passion. Flowers, leaves and butterflies shine on the hands. Graceful and precious magic on the skin.


"In love we are one." Eugenia Bruni. The Ama collection presents creative director Eugenia Bruni's new vision of love. The three golden colors combine the yellow radiation of the sun, the white tone of the moon and water with pink, the light that emanates from the heart.
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