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Roberto Coin jewelry from the world famous brand is now available exclusively at GRENARDI

About ROBERTO COIN brand

The history of the "Roberto Coin" brand began in 1996, when for the first time the "Appassionata" collection was marked with a small ruby embedded inside each piece of jewelry. The Roberto Coin brand is driven by its founder's passion for life and creativity.
Constantly searching for new sources of inspiration, each work of Roberto Coin is born in an exciting journey through cultures and impressions, nature and landscapes, demonstrating a balance between the past and the future. Each piece of jewelry has its own unique story that wraps it with an inimitable charm of style identity. Every day, the hands of Italian artisans, keepers of ancient jewelry traditions, turn the "Roberto Coin" fantasy into reality. It is a real world of miniature masterpieces that come to life in the eyes of others, where each piece of jewelry is adorned with the famous ruby, and is endowed with its own story to tell the world.
Certain aesthetics and experimental design make each product a unique example of elegance and innovation, and this is the reason why the brand has become one of the most recognized on the international jewelry horizon in such a short time.


The flower made of small diamonds, which also adorns other pieces of jewelry in the Princess range, is the centerpiece of every piece of jewelry in this collection. In a natural progression of events, the decorative flower grew and blossomed. The delicate petals of this flower are depicted and crafted from gold and precious stones. The twisted wire detail characteristic of this jewelry is also used in the inner structure to create a three-dimensional framework that holds the flower.
Both the outer part of the flower and the inner structure are designed using 3D technology, guaranteeing excellent proportions of the elements. Then, skilled artisans assemble the gems one by one, conjuring flower after flower.
This special production process makes each flower in the collection a special piece of jewelry, combining balance and care, just like flowers in nature.


The works of the Love in Verona collection are part of the long thread that connects the jewelry of this company with the most magnificent cities of Italy. The collections take us on a journey through Italy, and the precious stones become the messengers of its beauty.
The collection's jewelery is made of three types of gold, with polished and satin finishes, and can all be worn together to complete your look. The design revisits the four-petal diamond flower that has been at the center of the brand's other collections. The constant repetition of the flower on the surfaces of the jewelry recalls the architectural structure of the Arena of Verona, another emblem of the city.
In a collection rich in symbols, Roberto Coin has chosen to show his craftsmanship in a distinctly modern minimalist style. The gold is treated to get a super shiny effect and a special alloy is used to make the gold extra durable. Each diamond is set by hand using a microscope. The closure of each bracelet in the collection is designed with a hidden mechanism to guarantee maximum security without compromising the delicate lines of the product.


Princess is the most romantic Roberto Coin range in the creative universe. The story of the Venetian Princess collection is mythical and fascinating. Inside each piece of jewelry is a complex twisted thread structure that is revealed only to the wearer. This mysterious allure is also characteristic of the city of Venice itself, with its countless legends and secrets passed down from generation to generation. From the outside, the jewelry design is a reinterpretation of the decorations found in Venetian palaces, once again confirming the romantic image of the entire Princess range. The interplay of black and white diamonds evokes the dim lighting of street lamps reflecting off the dark waters of the Venetian canals, creating a fascinating effect that once again emphasizes the mysterious atmosphere of the city. Here too, you can find the same twisted thread structure that adorns all the jewels of the Princess range and the Barocco line. They are made using 3D technology to ensure maximum durability. The diamonds are calibrated to an accuracy of ¼ millimeter in diameter and depth and are set by hand using a microscope.